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This is an amazing interview by Richard Vobes out of the UK with William Keyte.
WIlliam has a website called commonlawconstitution.org.
Keyte makes reference to the similarities of the UK Constitution to the US Constitution. The Magna Carta,1215, guarantees  the  Bill of Rights for the British people.  The US Constitution, adopted in 1787 and amended in 1791 with the Bill of Rights is the supreme Law of the Land.  It is up to the people to claim these rights.  Otherwise the rogue governments will continue to act unlawfully and get away with it.
His key point in this interview is that we must become educated about our Constitution.  Period. Once educated, we will expose the emperor’s new clothes.  The key is that once the people understsand, know, that they HAVE THE POWER, then government loses their power.  We must fully take in that government does not have all the power.  We have been dozing on that lie for quite some time.
At  38:31 he talks about the fact that we do not know the set of standards that determine the limit of government [and with education we can]
At 36:44 he talks about holding government’s feet to the fire
At 37:53 he talks about people have the power and what to do!
Keyte talks about the fact that the power to punish is only to be in the hands of the people [the jury]–always a trial by jury.  He also  clearly states and defines the power of a statute:  „The power of a statute does not have the power to punish, only power to bring you before the court.“  Everyone, according to the Constitution, has the right to a jury.
Keyte talks about the principles of natural law, God given law.  He says, „The more we own it [the power  of the Constitution], the more we raise our consciousness.“ Keyte also states  that the principles of common law, natural law,  are  based upon principles!    Do not do harm to others.  Do not take their property.  Do not injure someone’s property…simple ethical principles.
William Keyte and his colleagues understand the power of the PEOPLE, the power of people en masse.  Educated  people in the law–the Constitution.  The Brunson Brother’s case in the US requires this same boatload of people, standing up for  their rights, becoming educated, speaking out.  100s of millions of people.  „There is possibili“ says Keyte.  He believes we still have time to take back our governments from these tyrants, but not much time.  (Zitat Ende)

Bin gerade dabei, das Video herunterzuladen.

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