In den USA darf man das noch sagen!

Gut, daß ich Englisch verstehe! Gut, daß Dummköpfe in der Regel kein Englisch verstehen. Deshalb gibt es jetzt ein englisches Video:

Dort ist im Text zu lesen:

(Zitat Anfang): „The low IQ of some is quite funny. They rape, rob, loot, burn and steal everything around them and wonder why there are no stores to buy food and medicine from in their neighborhoods. They don’t think of the consequences of their actions when it comes to their future. Once the problems start then so does the blame game. Vaccinate them all repeatedly for their own protection.

Because the worthless police and politicians will not enforce the law, we have security guards playing cop, theft protection measures, loss prevention, more expensive packaging, higher insurance rates and I could go on. Bullets in their asses would be much more effective and cheaper as a solution.
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Vaccines are like a time bomb inside your body just waiting to go off (Zitat Ende) (Fettung von mir!!)

Hier kommt das Video:

Titel: These ignorant asses can’t even shoplift correctly. The idea is to take what you steal with you
Hinweis: „shoplift“ bedeutet STEHLEN!!

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